10 regole per un marketing di successo secondo Dan Kennedy

Episodio 93 del 17/09/2019

Durata 00:32:20

Note dell'episodio

Dopo la scomparsa di Dan Kennedy, ecco 10 regole che Frank Kern sintetizza dagli insegnamenti di Dan Kennedy, per un marketing di successo.
(Ho scritto le note in inglese, poi non le ho tradotte, chiedo scusa)

1. Fai quello che vorresti. Conduci il tuo business come ritieni giusto. Unicità.
2. Fai il lavoro necessario, senza eccezione, tutti i giorni.
3. The holy trinity: 1- the list, 2- the offer, 3-the copy
4. Position as a welcome guest and not as an uninvited pest
5. You must differentiate. Just another is the kiss of death.
6. Ruthless time management - Spietata gestione del tempo.
7. Create for yourself a success environment. A place where you do you very best work, set up with what you need to be successful. (— The accumulation of wealth is to be expected. It’s a natural byproduct of doing the works consistently anche holding the line.)
8. If you look at everybody alse in your marketplace and you literally do the exact opposite of what they are doing, you probably are going to be very successful. -> est doing the opposite
9. Price Elasticity.
10. Part of the secret to commending hight fees is the ability to state the fees with straight face. -> do to be afraid. Just hold the line.
11. BONUS - Wealth attraction. Actions that one must take to be magnetic to money.
1. be somebody (be known to somebody of importance)
2. do something (become known as someone who is exceptionally good as doing something)



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